Evaluation of On-line Analyzers for Measurement of Multiple Gas


Operating companies currently use several analyzers per location to monitor gas streams throughout their operations. By replacing multiple analyzers with a single analyzer capable of measuring multiple contaminants, both capital and operations and maintenance expenditures can be reduced. This work evaluates the measurement ranges, accuracy, and reliability of several commercially available online analyzers. Both contaminant (CO2, O2, H2S, and H2O) and non-contaminant (CH4, C2H6, etc.) species were measured within gas blends typical of the natural gas transportation industry.


The objective of this project is to test commercial analyzers in a laboratory setting and characterize their performance on the following contaminant matrix.

To achieve this objective:

  • A custom test protocol was developed
  • A custom laboratory testing center was developed
  • A custom data acquisition system/software was developed to log concurrent data from both laboratory equipment, and the instruments under test

Current Status:

  • Phase one laboratory testing is complete, and instrument(s) are being installed for a year-long field trial at a working facility
  • Phase one results are available as a report from PRCI

Funding Provided by:

Pipeline Research Council International Inc. | MEAS-9-01, PR179-19601